Be Courageous – Every Day


Your body cannot store vitamin C. The vitamin C in your body is a finite resource you have to constantly replenish, or you will die. Every day you start at zero, and at the end of every day it is gone.

And if you ignore your body’s need for vitamin C, you will die of scurvy. A long, horrible death. It turns out, vitamin C is pretty important. But your body can’t store it.

So some of us take vitamin C supplements. Because it is that important.

Courage is a lot like Vitamin C.

You can’t store it.  That you were courageous yesterday has no effect on today, and will not save you. Neither will your plan to do courageous things in the future. What matters is that you are courageous today.

So do something courageous every day, just like you take your vitamins every day. Do it in order to not just live, but to thrive. Because trying to live without courage is just another way to die a long, slow, horrible death.

And just like you eventually become the sort of person who takes vitamins each day, one day you realize you have become the sort of person who does courageous things.

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