Blog Rebooted

In the last 13 years, I wrote nearly a thousand blog posts on my personal blog. And now I’m abandoning it, so I can start blogging again.

The internet has changed a lot since December of 2003, when I wrote my first blog post. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the need to have your own space on the internet – a piece of digital real estate where no one can censor you, where you can speak your mind, where the forces of capitalism need not dictate your options.

The web is more commercial than ever before. Rather than selling products, now we all are the product, with our lives becoming increasingly content fodder for corporations to profit from.

More and more, I want a place that is not just against that, but actively opposed to that. My thoughts on this have been heavily influenced by Gina and Andy and more Andy.

I give you Hugh’s Blog.

Few pictures. Short posts. No editorial calendar. Intentionally minimalist in design. Easily navigable. Highly readable. No plan. 100% controlled by me.

All while holding real estate that tells how to get in touch with me, how to hire me and where to find me.

Obvious influences are Gina Trapani, Kevin Kelly, Leo Babuta, Jason Kottke, and Derek Sievers.

Yes, they are all sorta nerdy, mostly introverted creative types who have rocked serious change in the world.

Yes, these are my people.

One of the new features is the Now page. The first time I ever saw one of these, it was on Derek’s blog. The idea is, what am I up to “now”. Imagine you ran into someone you hadn’t seen in 20 years, and he asks, “What are you up to?” The Now page is the answer to that question.

So, poke around, click buttons and try to break things. There is still some trim work to be done, but overall, I like it.

I was about to ask, ‘What do you think?”, but I also disabled comments.


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