Hugh’s Newsletter Situation

Back in the spring of 2015, I sent an email to a few people.

Here is the deal: I am going to send you an email every Monday during Lent (roughly the next six weeks). I will link to five beautiful things I liked that week – perhaps a picture I liked, perhaps a funny story, perhaps something of profound wisdom. In addition, if I read a book that blew me away, I will mention that, and provide a link to it, too. And if it is a week when something is happening I think you should know about, I will let you know in the email.

And that’s it. No lengthy prose, no huge commitments. Just five things that struck me as beautiful, books I read that were wonderful and things I think you should know.

If this works (meaning I keep my commitment to you) then I might keep it up – or I might not. I get bored easy.

I called it “Hugh’s Newsletter Situation”, because I had been talking to a friend for months about doing it, and one day she asked, “So, how is you newsletter situation coming along?”.

I kept it up for Lent, and I wasn’t bored, so I kept going. I dropped it for a few weeks along the way, and was so frustrated around the election last year that I almost stopped altogether, but some readers had an intervention of sorts and asked me to keep going.

I’m glad they did.

Monday will be the 100th  edition of the newsletter that is now called The Hughsletter. Part of me is amazed I have kept it up as long as I have. All of me is amazed that hundreds and hundreds of people have subscribed and read it.

I have told people that The Hughsletter is not only my favorite project I have worked on, but also the one that has been the best to me.

PS: I should probably invite you to sign up. So, here’s the deal:

I send an email every Monday morning to your inbox. It will have unpublished thoughts, links to five beautiful things and often a recommendation for a book or article I read.  I started it because I believe the world as it is can be an ugly place, and we need to build a reserve of beauty to see us through it.

If that sounds like something you should be a part of, you can sign up here.

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