Keep the faith

The book my friend had written was on the table. He had signed it for me, with the inscription saying “Keep the faith!”

Faith is something that is often hard for me. I am, after all, a Christian Humanist. I tend to discount supernatural ideas and focus on people. I told that to my friend.

He just looked at me.

“Don’t be silly. Of course you are a man of faith. Where’s a Bible?”

He flipped around, toward the back, and found Hebrews 11:1, and asked me to read it out loud.

I had memorized it back in Sunday School in the King James English, but I have come to prefer it in the highly readable, and sadly underused, JB Phillips translation.

“Now faith means putting our full confidence in the things we hope for, it means being certain of things we cannot see.”

My friend looked up at me from his chair.

“What do you hope for Hugh? What do you hope is real? What do you hope to be true?”


It turns out my friend was right: I am a man of faith.

Because while I am often unsure of what I believe, I have zero doubts about what I hope for. And while I don’t know what is true, I know what I hope is true.

And I bet you do, too.

So keep the faith.

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